• Laura Schaumer

Mazes, Writing and Coloring…. Oh My!

Well the companion Activity Book to Kita and the Magic Paint has finally arrived!

This fun, educational and discoverable activity book is a 100% need for the little ones.

With fun mazes, learning how to write all the characters' names and exploring the primary colors, children will not want to put it down.

The activity book was adapted from the original story of Kita and the Magic Paint, but I took it one step further. I wanted to make sure that not only will the kids have fun going through the activity pages but also that they can learn something in a fun and educational way.

The activity book helps with, learning concentration and patience, understanding and discovering concepts in color, as well as practicing vocabulary, reading and literacy.

When children are excited about something they want to learn more about it. Kita and her friends are there to help guide children through the different obstacles they find themselves in. From helping them find a lost item (mazes), counting in proper numerical sequence (connect the dots) and following instructions (color the circles and what makes you happy). The reasoning and format of this activity book hones in on those major key factors that parents like to introduce to their young ones at an early age.

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