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I can be an author?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

It wasn't always clear to me of how I wanted to get a book out into the world. I have always known I wanted to, I just wasn't sure of the process.

I never thought I would be as good as J.M Barrie, George Orwell or Ernest Cline, but needless to say I wanted to at least try! But where do I start? Who would notice me with the thousands of other published authors out there?

I knew I needed to start from somewhere... and blessed and behold my daughter, Madison, along with my husband, Daniel gave me the push I truly needed to become the author I always wanted. Did I find myself wanting to write a witty-comedic novel, a romance that made my knees buckle? NO! I wanted to write something I knew my daughter would be interested in. A book that would be able to be passed down from generations and get happiness to the purest people of them all, CHILDREN!

I came to the conclusion I wanted to be a children's author, and I believed, truly believed I could be a good one. Telling stories always came easy to me. That is ignoring grammar, syntax and sentence arrangement, I still loved to write. Exploring unknown worlds and characters always made me feel magical. There is no limit to the imagination, meaning there is no limit to what you can write and create. The magic in any children's story are so relevant to the growth and development of a child. I wanted to capture that. Savior it, and put it somewhere it would last forever.

The next thing besides the story was.... who would want to publish my book? How many rejections would it take till someone noticed little-ol' me? I wasn't sure how I was going to do it but I had to try. As my research started I realized this would take a lot of work and mailing and a whole bunch of little things I had no idea about. A couple of days into feeling exhausted from research and not knowing if it was really worth it, I came upon a Facebook group. I will not say which one, but I was introduced to the wonderful and exciting world of Self Publishing! Yup, you read this write... I was going to SELF PUBLISH my own book! Was it going to be hard work? Yes! Was it going to cost me more than expected? Somewhat, (future post about this). But was I going to be able to have everything done in the way I wanted! With my expectations and myself calling the shots? yes, Yes and YES!!

Now a couple months into having my book PROFESSIONALLY edited, illustrator picked out and a lot of other nitty-gritty steps that need to be sorted before my book launch (September 2020) I am able to say I am going to be--- nix that I am a children's author. Not just a self-published author but a Children's Author! It's an exciting journey, like a rolling hill that I get to control.

I am excited about this path, and I am even more excited that I get to take you along with me for the ride. So buckle up and get ready... because there is a lot more to share and tell!

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